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Take a virtual tour in our south Florida rehab facility by following links below! Placed on 10 waterfront massive areas, 12 Keys Rehab could be the perfect place to begin your recovery. When not starting treatment and advising, clients enjoy an array of recreational activities and regular outings which promote the fun of sober living.

Treatment at 12 Keys Rehab

Many people visualize an addiction rehabilitation facility to be a cold, institutional environment. At 12 Keys Rehab, however, clients enjoy numerous comforts, from gourmet meals to an on-site spa and swimming pool. We believe that a successful recovery should be only possible in an area where the tensions of outside life are looked after — our aim seriously isn’t to pamper your clients, but to give them the space plus the strength to pay attention to their recovery.

Existence in Recovery

Lifestyle at 12 Keys Rehab is abundant and varied. Upon admission to our rehabilitation facility, clients are given a physical examination and are supervised detox which helps them handle any withdrawal symptoms they might experience. Clients benefit from an array of treatment options — though our programming is based in the time-tested 12 ways method, this method is augmented having group and specific counseling, cognitive conduct therapy, motivational interviewing along with treatment modalities. For instances manager will use each client through their stay to adapt their treatment for their specific needs.

When not in treatment, clients can partake in many fun recreational activities like horseback riding, mountain-climbing, swimming and a lot more. We believe a sound body is essential for recovery and encourage all clients to pursue energetic, outdoor interests. Many find a love of health and fitness and sports that becomes an important ally in the particular months and a long time following their achievement of treatment.

To read more about our rehab facility, contact the intake counselor today. Our toll-free assist line is open up 24/7, with representatives available to answer your questions or arrange for immediate admission in treatment.

Substance Punishment Treatment at 12 Keys Rehab

No two addicts would be the same; likewise, each path to recovery is a little bit different. At 12 Keys Rehab, we work tightly with clients within our substance abuse cure to assess their own history and desires, and develop some sort of customized program that empowers them to get sober forever.

Diagnosing Addiction

Step one in any substance abuse treatment program is simply acknowledging that a difficulty exists. If you’re worried about your drug or alcohol consumption abuse, but undecided if treatment is made for you, consider the following:

• Do you use a growing number to feel exactly the same effect?

• Do you think increasingly alienated from relatives and buddies and fellow members who don’t make use of drugs?

• Has your drug use been the reason for your low performance at function or school?

• Have people been telling you you’ve changed?

Finally, anyone who feels that their drug or perhaps alcohol use has effects on their ability and want to reside in a healthy, happy life can benefit from substance abuse treatment method.

Steps to Restoration

Recovery from some sort of drug or alcohol addiction is usually a lifelong process. 12 Keys Rehab will allow you at every step on the way; from the minute you admit there is a problem and look for treatment, to the particular years afterwards. Within our substance abuse cure, you’ll receive:

• A supervised detox to manage the initial flashback symptoms safely and comfortably

• One-on-one and group counseling providers, as well as access to modern treatment modalities like motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral remedy

• Aftercare support you are able to turn to at times of pressure

Each addict’s quest to recovery differs from the others — the treatment method approach at 12 Keys Rehab stresses some sort of customized program which addresses our clients’ specific needs. Clients start using a case manager that will monitor their advance closely. Because enrollment on 12 Keys Rehab’s substance abuse treatment program is restricted to few participants, each client will be able to benefit from exclusive access to both staff and amenities at our 10 acre waterfront ability.

After Rehab

It’s easy not to consider drugs and alcohol within our relaxing, comfortable southern Florida facility, but what about in the external world? Substance misuse treatment at 12 Keys Rehab goes further than teaching avoidance approaches, focusing instead on giving clients the various tools to live healthy and take care of the stresses of everyday activity. This includes constructing a support network of family. It also involves understanding why we abuse drug treatments or alcohol — if they include past stress, mental or behavioral health concerns or a innate predisposition to dependency — and increasing the physical, spiritual and emotional strength to go up above them.

Particular person Recovery at 12 Keys Rehab

If you or perhaps someone you worry about is struggling with drug or alcohol consumption addiction issue, substance abuse treatment at 12 Keys Rehab might help. In addition to our flexible addictions retrieval programming, we additionally offer specialized songs for dual analysis, pain management, women seeking safety along with clients with special needs. Find out more by speaking with an intake counselor today — our toll-free number is staffed 24 hours a day for assistance when you need it.